Ocun Crest LU Climbing Shoes - SS19 Ocun Crest LU Climbing ShoesCrest means comfort

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Ocun Crest LU Climbing Shoes - SS19 Ocun Crest LU Climbing ShoesCrest means comfort

Ocun Crest LU Climbing ShoesCrest means comfort. Although Crest is designed for beginner climbers it is reassuringly precise on small footholds when climbing both inside and out. it has a straight last, almost no asymmetry and comfortable heel.

Microfibre Upper

Constructed using a microfibre leather upper, the Ocun Crest LU Climbing Shoes are worthy of any outdoor adventure. Designed to provide the right amount of flexibility and support, the upper conforms to the shape of the foot yet, retains its elasticity for a better, more supportive fit. The microfibre upper ensures the shoes hold their shape for long that other leather equivalents plus, its soft on the skin for complete comfort. A perforated tongue sits comfortably against the skin and allows cool air to circulate throughout the shoe so you can remain cool, dry and comfortable at all times. An extended toe rand runs around the edge of the shoe to provide added protection from loose debris and terrain plus, it increases toe hooking for a more efficient climb. Completing the upper is a lacing system which runs down the centre of the upper to ensure a perfect, stay-put fit.

2D Fit Hard Midsole

The midsole of the Ocun Crest LU Climbing Shoes is low in profile to save on weight and increase underfoot feel. The hard nature of the midsole ensures structure and support for uncompromising climbs yet still allows for an element of sensitivity. A twill fabric insole has also been used on the midsole for added comfort, twill fabric is well known for its softness and durability.

CAT Rubber 1.1

Developed using CAT 1.1 Rubber, the Ocun Crest LU Climbing Shoes provide a perfect balance of durability and traction. This highly resistant rubber has undergone rigorous testing to bring you a climbing shoe that is resistant to abrasion and long-lasting. The Crest is ideal for beginners who are needing a rock shoe that's going to last a long time. Additionally, the high friction rubber allows you to grasp on to the smallest foothold and edge your way onto angled terrain; this versatile compound supports climbers as they cruise up the most technical terrain. The sole's job is to make sure you don't slip especially on uncompromising climbs and the CAT 1.1 is there to support you at all times. The outsole of the Ocun Crest LU Climbing Shoes ensures an optimal balance of performance and durability.